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Sunbeds for Home Hire in Manchester. Doubles, Canopies and Verticals with 240/250W fast tanning tubes fitted. Please call 0161 6367435 for all enquiries. Ask about the latest electronic vertical stand ups which are now available to hire.

You can now rent a sunbed and have it delivered direct to your own home, we are specialists in the supply of sunbeds for home hire in Manchester, we also deliver to other areas outside the Manchester area. We have been providing sunbed hire and rentals for over twenty four years and are able to offer several types of sunbed depending on your budget and requirements.

Home Sunbed hire is now able to offer the very latest in home tanning with the new fast tanning salon strength 10 minute tubes in the following types of sunbed:-

vertical stand up sunbeds with up to 250w tubes and door attached

double twin lie downs complete with side tanning booster.

traditional single overhead canopy sunbeds.

Call us on 0161-6367435 to book your sunbed hire in Manchester now!

We also sell sunbed tubes for replacement and new & reconditioned sunbeds

Our sunbeds are fitted with the latest fast tanning 10 minute tubes for superior tanning results

Black Shadow Sunbed

Vertical Sun Shower

Double sunbed

Double CanopySunbeds

Single sunbed 2

Single CanopySunbeds

Single sunbed 2

Single CanopySunbeds

Black Shadow Sunbed

Vertical Sun Shower


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